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Principal’s Log

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We have continued to explore the mindset that learning occurs at the point of challenge on our 6-12 Assemblies. As we embrace the mindset that learning occurs at the point of challenge there is a shift from getting it “done” to opening the door to curiosity and wonder, which leads to building deeper understandings and connections. When we think about something we have really enjoyed learning or learnt well, we have often travelled deeply into the concept with a sense of wonder. We have engaged in the productive struggle as one of exploration and going deeper with our eyes wide open to connections and possibilities. Like solving a Rubik’s Cube, we have turned things around and looked from different angles and perspectives with a sense of curiosity and wonder. Questions of curiosity, of I wonder if.., imagine if …, what if…, how might … open us up to deeper exploration. Small sparks of joy occur and energy builds as new connections and understanding build. Going deep with curiosity can even open us up to the elegance and beauty of an idea, concept or way of thinking.

The Middle and Senior College cast and crew of Sense and Sensibility have bumped into the Events Centre and are excitedly getting ready for their performances over Friday and Saturday of this weekend.  We wish Director Mrs Delaney and the cast and crew all the best and look forward to thoroughly entertaining performances. Limited tickets are still available through the Events Centre for those who are yet to take up this great opportunity to enjoy a high-quality theatrical production on the Sunshine Coast.

Our Years 3-6 students enjoyed their athletics carnival on Tuesday, competing with great energy and spirit. We congratulate all students for participating with great enthusiasm. The Spirit Trophy and Overall House Champions will be announced at a Year 3-6 assembly on Monday morning which will be held in the gymnasium. We thank Mr Darren Hooper, Head of Junior Sport and Mrs Lisa Muir, Sports Administrator, for their organisation and staff and parents for their support.

Our Year 4 students are currently on camp and we look forward to hearing their stories on their return today. We thank Head of Outdoor Education, Mr Paul Brace for his leadership and organisation and Mr Damian Davis, Mrs Sharon Middleton, Mr Mark Hauser, Mrs Sarah Atkinson, Mr Joe Doran, Mrs Amanda Empson, Mrs Chrissy Dobson, Mr Robert Belchamber and Mrs Pia Henriksen for their support of this experience which provides tremendous opportunities for growth for our students.

The Sunshine Coast Independent Primary Heads Association provides opportunities for students from across member schools to extend and enrich their learning through involvement in Challenge Days. Pacific hosted this term’s experience providing the opportunity for Year 6 students from Independent Schools across the Coast to explore the concept of tensegrity as they investigated the balance between tensile and compression forces in structures. This was a very rich learning experience planned and led by Industrial Design and Art Teacher Mrs Marnie Whittaker and Head of Learning Middle College, Mrs Jo Belchamber. We congratulate and thank Mrs Whittaker and Mrs Belchamber for their leadership, facilitators Mr Chris Bartlett and Mr Andrew Block and support staff Mr Robert Belchamber and Mrs Alison Fergusson for providing this inspirational learning experience.

We wish our Senior netball team all the best as they compete in the Vicki Wilson Cup tomorrow.

May God give us generous and grateful hearts as we serve each other and the community.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal