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Principal’s Log

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We were privileged to be able to witness the Middle and Senior College production of Sense and Sensibility last weekend. Clever direction and casting enabled the tremendous talent of students to shine through. The storyline was carried brilliantly, with strong character portrayals, well-timed humour that bubbled throughout, cleverly selected music, and the occasional joy-filled dance moves skilfully performed. Subtle use of stagecraft that had tables and beds seeming to emerge seamlessly from the floor added to the whole experience. Congratulations and thank you to Director Mrs Janine Delaney and the cast and crew for an outstanding production. Thank you to our parents for their support and the many people who were part of the large appreciative audiences over the weekend. Special thanks to the all of the team who brought a wonderful production to life.

We thank all those families who have already made donations to the Red Shield Appeal through the donation of items to the College. Our collection finishes on Monday 27th May. One or two extra non-perishable items in our shopping trolleys over the weekend can make a significant difference for families supported by the Salvation Army. We look forward to once again filling the Salvation Army truck and supporting families within the southern end of the Sunshine Coast.

Congratulations to our students who were part of the Vicki Wilson Netball Cup and Shield Championships last Friday. Our Senior A Girls PLC Sapphire team reached the Grand Final of the top division, narrowly losing by four goals. This is the second year in a row that our Senior A Girls have narrowly missed representing the Sunshine Coast in Brisbane. Our Intermediate team PLC Emerald comprising of Year 7 and 8 students played well in a division generally filled by Year 9 students and PLC Pearl and PLC Jade teams played well within the Development Division of the competition.  Well done to all of our netballers and thank you to Head of Netball Development Mrs Michelle Dufty and coaches for their leadership of our teams.  Thank you to our parents for your support throughout the season and on Friday.  We wish our Monday night teams of PLC Crystal, Amber, Garnet, Topaz, Jade, Ruby and Pearl teams all the best for their finals which start next week.

At its February meeting, the Friends of Pacific voted to initiate an annual $40 levy per family to support the Friends of Pacific’s initiatives to enhance student experience and facility development in the College. This will be charged as a $20 levy per semester with the first of these occurring in the Term 3 fees. The Friends of Pacific decided to use the funds raised this year to go towards the funding of the new screen which will be part of the gym extension which is expected to commence during Term 4 this year. We are excited to be in the final stages of the design of the extension of the gym and are looking forward to sharing a 3D walk through with our community in the very near future.

We look forward to a spirited day of competition today at the Year 7-12 Athletics Carnival.

We say a prayer of thanks for the spirit of goodwill and generosity that permeates our community and for our volunteers.

Dr Bronwyn Dolling, Principal