Junior College

Years 3-5: Building Young Leaders

The Junior College supports children as they shift from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn’. Learning experiences take into account the increased importance of peers and higher levels of cognitive skills including the ability to become increasingly self-reflective and outward looking. Children are challenged to extend themselves and achieve their full potential across all dimensions of life and to be increasingly independent in their learning. The continuation of a differentiated curriculum caters for individual needs and supports children as they continue their development in English, Mathematics, Christian Studies, Science and HASS. Specialists teaching in the areas of Japanese, Health and Physical Education and Music are continued. Learning in the area of Technology builds young people’s capacity to code and program simple robots and is also formally incorporated across all key learning areas with an emphasis on computational thinking.

Year 5 students have the opportunity to participate in formal leadership roles within the Junior and Foundation Colleges. Connections with senior student leaders also assist in the development of leadership skills. 

The broad ranging benefits that come through involvement in team sport are gained through participation in the winter and summer team sport competitions of the Sunshine Coast Independent School’s Sport Association (SCISSA). As well as bringing significant health benefits, team sports build character, a strong sense of belonging, enjoyment and teamwork. Student participation in SCISSA begins in Year 4.


To support the development of well-rounded individuals, Junior College students are strongly encouraged to participate in cultural activities including various music groups, ensembles and special events such as Eisteddfods. All students in Year 3 and 4 learn the violin and Year 5 students learn a concert band instrument as part of their classroom music experience.

In partnership with parents and through the curriculum, Pacific provides a wide range of opportunities for students to interact with others, take leadership roles and make a valuable contribution to the life of the College and the wider community. As part of student wellbeing, ‘Circle Time’ addresses the social and emotional needs of Junior College students. The program incorporates a range of skills to assist students to establish, develop and maintain positive relationships.


Bring Your Own Device

The College Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program requires Year 3-5 students to access a personal device. This program aims to support students in their learning and enhance their educational experience at the College. Using their own device, students will use the College’s wireless network in their classes to access our digital learning programs and resources. There are different device specifications which are dependent on the student's year level. Please click here for device specifications for the 2024 curricular year.

Devices cannot be purchased outright through the College. However, the College does offer a device leasing program where student devices can be leased from the College over a 3 year agreement. The leasing program payments are processed through the student fees each Term. On completion of the lease, the device becomes the property of the leasing family. Entry into the Student Device Lease Program is currently closed while we prepare the 2025 Student Device Lease Program.

If families wish to directly purchase their own device that meets College hardware device requirements, please see your preferred retailer or order a device online from a manufacturer.

For BYO device setup and on-campus WiFi connection procedures please click here.