Our Vision

Making A Difference For Today And Tomorrow

Established in 2001, Pacific Lutheran College is a Kindergarten to Year 12 College that is innovative, dynamic, and progressive, yet firmly underpinned by the values and traditions of excellence of Lutheran schooling across Australia. As a Christ-centred community, Pacific has a strong focus on relationships and values. Pacific challenges members of its community to be compassionate, tolerant, deep thinking, socially just individuals who have the confidence, knowledge, courage, flexibility and deep understandings to make a difference both today and tomorrow in their families and the wider community. To equip students to thrive in the highly complex world of today and tomorrow, Pacific has drawn on best practices from international educational research in its curriculum design and structure. Our focus is not just on what children will become, but who they are today.

State of the art facilities designed to enhance contemporary approaches to education, including the flexible use of space. Most importantly, highly skilled, dedicated teachers support and encourage students to be the best they can be. As a community, parents, staff and students are challenged to be dreamers, architects, builders and celebrators. To dream what is possible, to imagine and create a better way forward, to be resilient, persistent and flexible and to be celebrators of life.